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The City of Vancouver is working on plans to help make Commercial Drive safer for people cycling, walking and using public transit. Commercial Drive has been on the City's cycling network plans since 2012. It is good to see this project moving forward. Unfortunately, in spite of evidence from around North America that bike lanes are good for business and support from several businesses, the Commercial Drive BIA has come out against protected bike lanes.

On the wide section between 14th and Gravely, the City states there is an opportunity to reallocate one lane of traffic to make space for protected bike lanes. However, so far, the City has not mentioned the opportunity protected bike lanes to other sections of Commercial Drive. Bike lanes on the Drive from Powell to Victoria would help more customers arrive to businesses by bike.

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Gravely to Adanac

Between Gravely and Adanac, the street is narrower and no opportunity to create protected bike lanes is mentioned in the display boards presented at the open houses. We are concerned as Commercial from Adanac to 12th had the second highest cycling collisions/km according City of Vancouver's Cycling Safety Study

One option would be to remove parking on one side of the street  and have parking on the other to create space for protected bike lanes. This would require the parking to be full time on that side of the street so it would not be stripped during peak periods as currently is the case. Here is what it might look like.

While on-street parking is often perceived as to being very important for businesses, that may not be the case on Commercial. The City's intercept survey found that only 17% of people arrived on the Drive via motor vehicle. Of those, 33% used the parking on the Drive meaning that only 5.6% of people arriving on the Drive use the on-street parking. So, if parking is removed on one-side, that would probably only affect less than 3% of those arriving on the Drive.

Already, 11% arrive by bicycle and that would increase dramatically if protected bike lanes are added. On Bloor Street in Toronto, a similar option to create bike lanes was just implemented that dramatically increased cycling (75% to 300%). Given that on-street parking can make streets less safe for people walking, cycling and driving, reallocating parking on one side is worth exploring.

Please let the City know if you would like them to consider this option.

14th to Sainsbury Ave/Commercial Street

South of 14th, Commercial Drive still has two lanes of traffic in both directions. One lane could be reallocated to create protected bike lanes to connect with Commercial Street, a good potential bike route, and the BC Parkway at Sainsbury Ave. This would be a great local and regional connection enabling more people to cycle on the other sections of Commercial Drive. Good for business, people cycling and the community.

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