Cycling should be safe, convenient and enjoyable for all my family and friends
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Make Victoria One of the World's Best Cycling Cities

Please support the City of Victoria's planned all ages and abilities cycling network. 

Sign the #BIKETORIA petition

The #BIKETORIA network will include up to eight all ages and abilities bicycle corridors throughout the city. An all ages and abilities bicycle network is designed to be suitable, safe and comfortable for most people riding bikes regardless of their ability and experience, through the use of high quality, separated bicycle facilities.

Together with residents, the City of Victoria has developed a bold vision for the future of bicycling and is committed to becoming one of the best cycling cities in the world.

The Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition is busy increasing pubic support for the network through the BIKETORIA petition.

Sign the #BIKETORIA petition

Email council directly

Email Victoria council directly. (If you need ideas, here are some thoughts on the 8 current routes).

Please let them know what these routes and improved cycling would mean for your family, friends and community.


Help show lots of people support cycling and walking for everyone.

Please share. Encourage your friends and family to contribute!

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