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Copenhagen knows that nothing is more convenient and environmentally friendly than a journey through downtown on a bike. Photo: Adele Peters, Fast Company

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Consider the full cost of owning a car -- it hurts your brain doesn't it? 

Owning a car has its perks -- long-distance traveling at your own convenience, a sheltered transport for avoiding the cold, wet, dreary rain, and the all-important storage for our bag of groceries. But bearing the cost of the finances that come with it is a tremendous headache that you would not be able to afford in the long-run. In British Columbia, premiums have been steadily increasing over the past six years, and today, the average BC driver pays $1550 per vehicle each year. A primary driver of rising insurance costs has been the increase in settlement claims -- the premiums we currently pay is not high enough to cover to cost of most paying claims. 

We can change this. 

Copenhagen has a long standing history of its deeply entrenched cycling culture. Seventy percent of the population owns a bike, not because of rocket-high prices of owning personal vehicles, but rather their extensive and wide array of the modes of transportation made available to them.

Since cars are made redundant in the city, the Copenhagen City Heart Study involving nearly 20,000 city inhabitants aged 20 to 100 years old in a cardiovascular population study concluded that cycling at high or average speeds increase life espectancy of the participants by 5 and 3 years respectively. Additionally, it is found that there is a 30-percent decrease in mortality rate among adults who commute by bicycle daily

Our society could gain an increase in productivity from a healthier work force when we promote cycling in central business districts. Promoting a bicycling culture in British Columbia would also spark a positive economic impact towards local bicycle rental shops and for our wholesale dealers in the private sector. If that's not enough, our tourism industry would also receive as well as provide major economic benefits to our cities. 


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