Let the Province Know Your Cycling Priorities

Provincial Government recently announced B.C. its new 10-year transportation plan, B.C. on the Move. 

The plan commits $2.5 billion over three years for transportation. Going forward, as part of a complete Active Transportation Strategy, the BCCC recommends the Province invest $100 million per year to:

  • Upgrade cycling and walking facilities on Provincial highways and bridges
  • Complete cycling and walking networks in communities around BC.
  • Create Safe Routes to School for B.C. children
  • Build trails and paths used by cycling and walking tourists and residents

Include the cycling projects below or suggest other ones in your region. State the issues and suggest possible solutions. Now is the time to dream big. Already the Province has committed $7 million for the Stanley Park Causeway safety improvements and $7.2 for the Okanagan Rail Trail.   Please propose solutions that work for cyclists of all ages and abilities as well as pedestrians.

Possible projects include:

  • Trail or path networks or regional routes
  • Wider shoulders or a bike lane along a road or highway
  • A separated path along a busy road or highway
  • Separate walking and cycling paths along a busy road
  • A wider shared path on a bridge or overpass
  • A new cycling and walking overpass over a busy highway or railway
  • A new cycling and walking bridge over a river or stream
  • Improvements for cycling and walking at a busy intersection on a highway
  • Improved access to a bridge designed for high speed cycling

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Suggestions so far

Abbotsford Downtown Core | Acquire abandoned rail line between Kelowna and Vernon for a safe cycling and walking corridor. | Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge | Alex Fraser Bridge Cycling Access | Complete the Salish Sea Trail Network | Dewdney Trunk Rd in the downtown Maple Ridge - Separated Bike Lane | Experience the Fraser - Hope to the Salish Sea | Highway 4 to Tofino - Sutton Pass to the Visitor Centre at the T junction | Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Access | Kamloops | Kamloops suggestions | north shuswap cycling/walking trail | Old Island Hwy | Upgrade Lougheed Hwy - Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission, Deroche to Harrison Mills | Upgrade the Lougheed Hwy - Coquitlam |

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Old Island Hwy

There are sections that have a very narrow shoulder so at minimum widen the shoulder so is a consistent width along this section of Hwy as it is has a lot of cyclists using it. Better yet, build a separated lane to buffer bikes and pedestrians from the fast moving traffic (speed limit 60-80kph but many cars travel at 100kph)

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Abbotsford Downtown Core

New bike lanes to access main business centres in Central Abbotsford: George Ferguson Way, Gladwin Rd, Ware St, Bourquin Cres, Marshall Rd, and extend the current bike lane on McCallum Rd to span the entire road from end to end. Install bike parking along areas with time limits for motor vehicles: Essendene Ave, Montrose Ave, W. Railway St, and Pauline St.

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Dewdney Trunk Rd in the downtown Maple Ridge - Separated Bike Lane

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Highway 4 to Tofino - Sutton Pass to the Visitor Centre at the T junction

Tofino is one of the most popular tourist destinations in BC but has some very dangerous sections with no shoulders whatsoever or space for cycling. Specifically from Sutton Pass to the Visitor Centre at the T junction.

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Experience the Fraser - Hope to the Salish Sea

From http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/parks_lscr/ExperiencetheFraser/Pages/default.aspx

Experience the Fraser (ETF) is a unique vision to connect communities, parks, natural features, historic and cultural sites and experiences along the Lower Fraser River. The Canyon to Coast Trail and Recreational Blueway are the backbone of the project, connecting Hope to the Salish Sea by means of over 550 kilometres of trail (43% of which is already in place) and via the river itself. 

By bringing together existing points of interest and features along the river, ETF will add strength and dynamism to local tourism and economic development initiatives, acting as a catalyst. The hope is for all to be inspired to become more active stewards on behalf of the river, and for the Lower Fraser River to become one of the world’s great river destinations.

It is a great vision but will take a lot of investment to create a high-quality cycling route for both locals and visitors.


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north shuswap cycling/walking trail

parallel to highway which has no shoulders currently and speed limit of 80, - trail from Squilax to Anglemont

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Kamloops suggestions

My top 3 suggestions are: (1) a paved, multi-use path between Valleyview and Barnhartvale that parallels Hwy1. (2) changing layout of western parking lot at Riverside park to accommodate the cyclists entering/exiting the multi-use path. Cyclists using this route have to go against the flow of traffic through the parking lot, and have no clear route when the parking lot is full. It is dangerous. (3) Signage indicating where cyclists should go to avoid major traffic. For instance, cycling routes exist from downtown Kamloops, along Valleyview Drive, and Dallas Drive, and yet touring cyclists would not know of them, and I see them riding along the highway unaware a safer route exists.

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Bike path along Columbia Street. Separate bike path parallel to Hwy 1 from Orchard's walk (Grand Boulevard) to Dallas Drive. Bike path on Halston Bridge and Westsyde Road.

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Complete the Salish Sea Trail Network

We need to complete what's known informally as the Salish Sea Trail Network, which means putting bike lanes through Salt Spring Island to complete the Lochside Trail, Galloping Goose, Humpback Connector, and Cowichan Valley Regional Trail. This fabulous, world-class circuit, with loops within loops, connects 9 provincial ridings and 4 federal. MOTI and Tourism BC can do wonders for a very large region by finishing the last stretch and getting word out about it to the world.

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Upgrade Lougheed Hwy - Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission, Deroche to Harrison Mills

Don’t stop in S Coquitlam. Lougheed Hwy is an important cycling link between GVRD and the rest of the province. The following sections also need upgrading: Coquitlam Centre to (and around) Pitt River Bridge, through Maple Ridge, through Mission and between Deroche and Harrison Mills.

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Acquire abandoned rail line between Kelowna and Vernon for a safe cycling and walking corridor.

This initiative is a unique, one-time only, incredible opportunity to invest in infrastructure which benefits local population health and fitness, air quality, cycling safety, GHG emission reduction, and green tourism opportunities. This project could be the first major link in a future network of scenic and safe cycling and hiking routes that could draw not only the local citizenry, year-round, but tourists from throughout North America and abroad. Links could be developed between this route and local vineyards, agricultural businesses, and B&B or inn operators. This could put BC firmly on the map of worldwide locations for cycle tourism. www.okanaganrailtrail.ca

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Upgrade the Lougheed Hwy - Coquitlam

Upgrade the Lougheed Hwy in Southern Coquitlam to make a continuous and safe essential connection for bikes. This may require narrowing existing lanes where no space presently exists for a curb bike lane. This is a short-term measure, as in the long term a AAA route away from motor traffic is needed.

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Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge

The Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge is the only route across the Fraser River between Hope and Mission. The lanes are narrow with no shoulders or sidewalk making cycling over it rather scary especially when large vehicles are passing.

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Alex Fraser Bridge Cycling Access

The bicycle access in and around the Alex Fraser Bridge is not very convenient or safe. The paths are too narrow for even slow speed cycling. With steep approaches, the paths need to be designed for cycling speeds of 50-60kph. As well, the overpass over the highway is dangerous and needs improving. A man died a couple of years ago after falling off his bike on the steep narrow ramp leading up to it.

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Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Access

It is great that the Province is widening the sidewalks on the Bridge. The wider sidewalks will encourage more people to walk and cycle over the bridge. The increased traffic will result in more conflicts on the narrow access paths to the bridge. New wider paths designed for high speed cycling and an overpass on the south side to encourage one way cycling on the sidewalks are needed.

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A Billion for Bikes - Cycling for Everyone Petition

I call upon the Government of BC to enable everyone in BC to cycle & walk in safety as part of their daily lives by implementing an Active Transportation Strategy that includes:

  • Investing $1 billion over the next ten years to:
    • Upgrade cycling & walking facilities on provincial roads & bridges
    • Complete cycling & walking networks in communities across BC
    • Provide safe routes to school for children
    • Build trails & routes for cycling & walking tourism
  • Ensuring that paths & protected bike lanes can be safely shared by people using wheelchairs, skateboards & in-line skates
  • Enhancing cycling education for children & adults
  • Promoting cycling & walking
  • Encouraging electric bike use by eliminating the PST & providing rebates
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