We need to make our communities safer for children cycling and walking
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Kids on Wheels program brings a passion for cycling to a younger generation

Some great coverage of Kids on Wheels in Vancity Buzz by Melissa & Chris Bruntlett . Kids on wheels introduces young children to cycling through hands on experience with runner bikes, cycling toys, art and books.

“There is still a lot of car culture embedded in the way young children play,” states Goldstein, referring to the car mats, trucks, and toy cars prevalent in daycares. “I wanted to help bring bike culture into that environment.” Goldstein set to work developing a five day, age appropriate program, combining 45-minutes of in-class learning with equal time experience learning on balance (pedal-less) bikes.

“It’s amazing to watch them grow in ability and confidence over the course of the five days.” Goldstein recalls. Through a grant from MEC, as well as support from the BC Cycling Coalition, she has been able to offer the program at two daycares in East Vancouver, as well as two separate sessions at Berwick Daycare in UBC. 

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