Local Cycling Priorities

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my wishlist

- four way stop at Victoria @ 10th (Vancouver) [intersection can be confusing and difficult to cross due to busy traffic] - traffic light & cyclist-activated signal at Renfrew @ Adanac (Vancouver) [intersection is very difficult to cross when cycling westbound] - completion of the westbound bike lane on Pacific Blvd between Seymour and Burrard (Vancouver) - a shoulder on Lougheed Highway westbound between Oxford and Shaughnessy (Port Coquitlam) [most of Lougheed Hwy has a shoulder, but this section doesn't and is particularly dangerous] - Lougheed Hwy between Shaughnessy and Lansdowne could use a bike lane (Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam) - a bike lane on Prairie between Shaughnessy and Traboulay Poco Trail (Port Coquitlam) [Prairie is a good alternative to Lougheed Hwy and i think there's enough room to create bike lanes] - a bike lane on Guildford Way between Pinetree and Pipeline (Coquitlam) [the rest of Guildford has a bike lane] - a bike lane on Pipeline Rd/Woodland Dr between Guildford and Patricia (Port Coquitlam) [this would connect Guildford to Patricia, which has a pedestrian/cyclist bridge across Coquitlam River and makes a nice alternative to Lougheed Hwy. the bridge itself is too narrow, however.] - a bike lane on Clarke/Moody/Murray between Barnet and Klahanie (Port Moody) [there is a nice shoulder along Barnet Hwy and there is a bike lane along Guildford that has been extended to Klahanie, but there is no bike route through Port Moody. they could easily put bike lanes on Clarke with the Evergreen Line construction. there is a new pedestrian overpass on Moody across the railway, but concrete barriers and a lack of a crosswalk make it impossible to get from the pedestrian overpass to Clarke legally. i ride on the road, which does a horseshoe, and it is quite dangerous. Murray is wide and there is lots of room to put in bike lanes. there is a new useless westbound bike path to right of the sidewalk that weaves around trees, ends abruptly and is usually full of joggers and dog walkers. the narrow eastbound bike lane between Klahanie and Ioco is on the road and it's good, except for a section that is next to parking and pretty much entirely in the door zone.] - the eastbound bike lane on W 1st Ave between Wylie and Manitoba is next to sections of parking and inside the door zone. the bike lane should be redrawn to indicate where cyclists should be to ride safely. the right side of the bike lane should be about 1m from parked cars. (Vancouver) - parking enforcement on W 1st Ave between Wylie and Quebec. cars regularly stop or park in the eastbound bike lane on 1st. i have many photos of such illegal parking jobs. unfortunately, i also have several photos of police parked in the bike lane. - speed limit and parking enforcement on all bike routes and residential streets - immediate enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act sect 189 (1)f-g at all bike route traffic circles. the 6m corner clearance law ensures that road users can see what is happening at intersections. traffic circles on bike routes will be safer for everyone if this rule is enforced. - widespread education about and enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act sect 189 (1)f-g - replacement of the rectangular Canada Line bridge onramps with curved onramps (vancouver/Richmond) [imagine if freeway onramps had right angles. bikes move just like cars and turning at these rectangular U's is awkward and briefly puts you in the oncoming lane. they might work with few cyclists, but as cycling becomes more popular, this sort of design will come to be seen as an obvious impediment to the flow of traffic. curved onramps would mean smoother travel and staying in one's own lane.] - completion of the canyon to coast trail. [Hope - Steveston]

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Hi Cam

All great suggestions.

I've added one specifically, for Experience the Fraser, which is your "completion of the canyon to coast trail. [Hope - Steveston]" http://www.bccc.bc.ca/experience_the_fraser This is a great project that will require significant investment from the Provincial Government.



Please respond to the governments survey, http://surveys.givingopinions.ca/s/b637o/ and list Experience the Fraser and the Lougheed Hwy upgrades. Also worth mentioning your other suggestions as it helps make the case for increased cycling funding.

More info on the BCCC recommendations at: http://www.bccc.bc.ca/transportation_plan

You could also send a letter to the Minister of Transportation at: http://www.bccc.bc.ca/transportation_plan_letter

Regarding the improvements in Vancouver, sending a letter to Mayor and Council a good idea, mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca

Also a good idea to bring it up with the HUB Vancouver committee, vancouver@bikehub.ca


Regarding issues in the Tri-cities, Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam, a good idea to bring them up with the HUB Tri-cities committee, tri-cities@bikehub.cahttps://bikehub.ca/get-involved/groups-committees/tri-cities-coquitlam-port-coquitlam-port-moody

Writing Coquitlam Council:


Writing Port Moody Council:


Writing Port Coquitlam Council:


As this list is focused on provincial improvements, I have moved your suggestions to http://www.bccc.bc.ca/local_priorities



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Median to cross Victoria Dr. at 10th Ave

The 10th Ave bike route (eastbound) ends at Victoria Dr. There you turn onto Victoria, or continue east along CVG. It's hard to cross Victoria, or turn (left) north onto Victoria, as traffic has very few gaps. Usually one has to wait for vehicles to give up their priority and stop to let bikes cross. A median would sure help a lot, as there are often gaps in one direction of traffic.

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Hi Richard

Agreed, this intersection is a problem. It is the responsibility of the City of Vancouver. Sending a letter to Mayor and Council a good idea, mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca

Also a good idea to bring it up with the HUB Vancouver committee, vancouver@bikehub.ca


I'm move it to http://www.bccc.bc.ca/local_priorities as this list is focused mainly on provincial issues.



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