Show your support for cycle highways in Metro Vancouver

As part of UnGaptheMap, HUB Cycling is encouraging bold and innovative infrastructure to connect Metro Vancouver's cycling network.

One such solution is cycle highways which are suitable for all ages and abilities and would provide direct, safe routes across longer distances and connect communities and destinations across our region.

Building cycle highways would improve cycling efficiency and attractiveness, shift people out of other congested modes and provide benefits such as reduced greenhouse gases, healthier habits and viable active transportation options for residents and tourists to get to destinations across Metro Vancouver by bike.

Cycle highways already exist in countries such as Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and the UK and could be implemented along routes such as the BC Parkway, Lower Lynn interchanges, and parallel to sections of Lougheed Highway.  

Show your support for cycle highways by emailing your MLA and BC's elected leaders and asking them to consider and allocate funding for cycle highways in all new projects.

With your support, cycle highways could play a major role in achieving the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's cycling policy objectives, and in doing so, significantly ungap Metro Vancouver's cycling network.

Here are some key points that you can incorporate into your letter...

  • Despite cycling being the fastest growing mode of transport in Metro Vancouver, the cycling network is disconnected and a lot of people are unable to find safe routes to their destinations.

  • Over 40% of locals want to cycle but currently don't, and for many of them it's because they are scared of dangerous road conditions.

  • I support HUB Cycling's UnGapTheMap campaign and urge the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) and TransLink to provide increased investment into cycling infrastructure. Sustained, high level funding would help create a safer, more connected network that would get more people cycling.  

  • Cycle highways, which are getting more people biking in countries such as Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK, would be a suitable solution for many of Metro Vancouver's highest priority gaps.

  • Cycle highways are suitable for all ages and abilities and provide direct, safe routes across longer distances, connecting communities and major destinations.

  • The introduction of cycle highways would reduce congestion and greenhouse gases, provide healthier transportation choices and would encourage residents and tourists to access destinations across Metro Vancouver by bike.

  • Please support safer cycling in Metro Vancouver by backing the introduction of cycle highways and considering this solution when planning all road and transit projects. By working closely with stakeholders, such as HUB Cycling and municipalities, to plan and implement cycle highways, Metro Vancouver could become one of the safest and most connected cycling regions in North America.

Please write BC's leaders in support of cycle highways!


Help show lots of people support cycling and walking for everyone.

Please share. Encourage your friends and family to take action!

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Note that your postal code may not always return your correct riding, MLA, MP and candidates. Contact Elections BC to verify your riding and candidates. Thanks to OpenNorth for the representative and candidate database.
Let the leaders know you want Cycle Highways in Metro Vancouver
Tell BC’s MLAs what a network of safe and efficient long distance bike routes would mean for your friends and family
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