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New Government Brings Opportunity for Improvements to Cycling and Walking

John Horgan and Bowinn Ma visit James Wilson at Obsession Bikes

The results from the survey sent out by the BC Cycling Coalition to parties during the election campaign indicate that both the NDP and the Green Party are willing to support an Active Transportation Plan, which would include cleaner and more sustainable transportation options including cycling and walking.

Please write Premier Horgan to let him know you support increased investment in cycling

The NDP have promised to that they will be "committed to making cycling, walking and other forms of active transportation safer and more accessible, and we will work with communities to determine what investments are needed."  

The Green Party have made similar promises, with commitments to "develop criteria for sustainability analysis of transportation investments and prioritize investments that promote transportation choices with a low carbon footprint, such as cycling"

While this is a good starting point, there is still much work that needs to be done before concrete results can be achieved. With a new government in place, there is a very real opportunity for change. Please take a moment to write a letter to your elected officials showing your support for increased investment in cycling.


Help show lots of people support cycling and walking for everyone.

Please share. Encourage your friends and family to sign the petition!

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Note that your postal code may not always return your correct riding, MLA, MP and candidates. Contact Elections BC to verify your riding and candidates. Thanks to OpenNorth for the representative and candidate database.
Let BC's Leaders Know You Want Increased Cycling Investment
Please email BC's Leaders. Tell them what the problems and solutions are in your community and what investing $100 million/year in bike paths and protected bike lanes would mean for your family and friends.
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Support Our Cycling & Walking for Everyone Campaign

Cycling For Everyone

Your generous contribution will help us mobilize the support needed to convince the Provincial and Federal Governments to make bold investments in cycling & walking through:

  • Outreach to organizations and businesses 
  • Petitioning to show the government that a lot of people support better cycling
  • Meeting with politicians and staff
  • Press releases and op-eds

Please support our efforts by making an on-going contribution of $5, $10, $15 or $20 per month or a one-time donation.

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