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No Increase in Provincial Cycling Funding Yet - $4 Billion Available

There doesn't appear to be any increase in cycling funding in the 2016 Provincial Budget released on February 16. As well, on February 12, Minister Stone announced that that Bike BC funding will remain at $6 million per year in 2016.

Vaughan Palmer speculates that this budget was rather modest with the big funding announcements saved for the election in 2017.

Budget 2017 will carry the Liberals into the next provincial election and there’s the other reason (apart from economic uncertainty) why de Jong and his colleagues were holding back something this week.

Between the current budget and the next three, the finance minister has socked away about $4 billion in forecast allowances, contingencies and projected surpluses. A hedge, to be sure, should the economy sour. But a way of funding election promises, too, once the time is ripe for the B.C. Liberals to tap into those reserves.

More than enough for a billion over 10 years for cycling and walking!

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Photo: BC Cycling Coalition President Arno (left), HUB ED Erin and Minister Stone (middle); Government of BC


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