[ { "id": "13069", "username": "nocat", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "North Okanagan Coalition for Active Transportation (NOCAT)", "name": "North Okanagan Coalition for Active Transportation (NOCAT)", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "North Okanagan Coalition for Active Transportation", "occupation": "Volunteer", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "nocat2016@gmail.com", "emails_to_sentence": "nocat2016@gmail.com", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Member Organization - Contact, Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/nocat", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/nocat", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/13069", "gender": "", "bio": "Our vision is a more vibrant North Okanagan with cleaner air and a healthier population achieved through a transportation system which prioritizes bicycling and walking.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "", "profile_content": "Our vision is a more vibrant North Okanagan with cleaner air and a healthier population achieved through a transportation system which prioritizes bicycling and walking. We serve the communities of Armstrong, Coldstream, Enderby, Lumby, Spallumcheen, and Vernon.", "twitter_profile_url": "", "facebook_profile_url_path": "NOCAT-is-North-Okanagan-Coalition-for-Active-Transportation-845643745545566", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/NOCAT-is-North-Okanagan-Coalition-for-Active-Transportation-845643745545566", "facebook_uid": "", "address": { "city": "Vernon", "state": "BC", "location": "Vernon, BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "Vernon, BC, Canada" , "address1": "3910 32nd Ave", "address2": "4", "multi_line": "3910 32nd Ave4Vernon, BC V1T2N3Canada", "one_line": "3910 32nd Ave, 4, Vernon, BC V1T2N3, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=3910+32nd+Ave%2C+Vernon%2C+BC+V1T2N3%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=3910+32nd+Ave%2C+Vernon%2C+BC+V1T2N3%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://www.nocat.weebly.com/", "profile_image_url": "https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/bccyclingcoalition/profile_images/3addf434ecd6cee12fb99a001bb0311f00b60ed9.png?1472347739", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "6918", "username": "streetsforeveryone", "prefix": "", "first_name": "Streets For", "last_name": "Everyone", "name": "Streets For Everyone", "profile_headline": "Streets For Everyone", "employer": "", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "info@streetsforeveryone.org", "emails_to_sentence": "info@streetsforeveryone.org", "tag_list": "Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/streetsforeveryone", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/streetsforeveryone", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/6918", "gender": "", "bio": "Building support for streets designed with everyone in mind by working with communities one at a time", "description": "", "twitter_login": "Streets4Every1", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=Streets4Every1", "facebook_profile_url_path": "811333155546592", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/811333155546592", "facebook_uid": "811333155546592", "address": { "city": "", "state": "BC", "location": "BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "BC, Canada" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "BCCanada", "one_line": "BC, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=BC%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=BC%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://www.streetsforeveryone.org/", "profile_image_url": "https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/811333155546592/picture?height=73&type=square&width=73", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "194", "username": "canada_bikes", "prefix": "", "first_name": "Canada", "last_name": "Bikes", "name": "Canada Bikes", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Canada Bikes", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "info@canadabikes.org", "emails_to_sentence": "info@canadabikes.org", "tag_list": "Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/canada_bikes", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/canada_bikes", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/194", "gender": "", "bio": "We envision great numbers of Canadians being able to ride bicycles everyday thanks to a country that does its utmost to ensure that they can.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "Canada_Bikes", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=Canada_Bikes", "facebook_profile_url_path": "CanadaBikes", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/CanadaBikes", "facebook_uid": "1437559349810852", "address": { "city": "Winnipeg", "state": "MB", "location": "Winnipeg, MB, Canada", "city_and_state": "Winnipeg, MB, Canada" , "address1": "303 Portage Ave", "address2": "3rd Floor", "multi_line": "303 Portage Ave3rd FloorWinnipeg, MB R3B 2B4Canada", "one_line": "303 Portage Ave, 3rd Floor, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2B4, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=303+Portage+Ave%2C+Winnipeg%2C+MB+R3B+2B4%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=303+Portage+Ave%2C+Winnipeg%2C+MB+R3B+2B4%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://canadabikes.org/", "profile_image_url": "https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/1437559349810852/picture?height=73&type=square&width=73", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "4047", "username": "bikepowellriver", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Powell River Cycling Association", "name": "Powell River Cycling Association", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Powell River Cycling Association", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "info@bikepowellriver.ca", "emails_to_sentence": "info@bikepowellriver.ca", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Priority-Community Funding, Priorities Survey, Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/bikepowellriver", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/bikepowellriver", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/4047", "gender": "", "bio": "Powell River Cycling Association was created by a group of cyclists who wanted proper representation for people who are riding bicycles around Powell River area", "description": "", "twitter_login": "BikePowellRiver", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=BikePowellRiver", "facebook_profile_url_path": "", "facebook_profile_url": "", "facebook_uid": "", "address": { "city": "Powell River", "state": "BC", "location": "Powell River, BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "Powell River, BC, Canada" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "Powell River, BC V8A 4T4Canada", "one_line": "Powell River, BC V8A 4T4, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Powell+River%2C+BC+V8A+4T4%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=Powell+River%2C+BC+V8A+4T4%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://www.bikepowellriver.ca/", "profile_image_url": "http://res.cloudinary.com/nationbuilder/image/twitter/w_73,h_73,c_fill/936247650.jpg", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "4174", "username": "biketoworkbc", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Bike to Work BC", "name": "Bike to Work BC", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Bike to Work BC", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "pnoble@biketowork.ca", "emails_to_sentence": "pnoble@biketowork.ca", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/biketoworkbc", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/biketoworkbc", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/4174", "gender": "", "bio": "Bike to Work BC is an overarching organization encouraging commuter cycling in communities throughout the province.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "BiketoworkBC", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=BiketoworkBC", "facebook_profile_url_path": "348222615239406", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/348222615239406", "facebook_uid": "", "address": { "city": "", "state": "", "location": "", "city_and_state": "" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "", "one_line": "", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=" }, "website": "http://www.biketowork.ca/", "profile_image_url": "http://res.cloudinary.com/nationbuilder/image/twitter/w_73,h_73,c_fill/293042288.jpg", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "3437", "username": "oceanside", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Oceanside Cycling Coalition", "name": "Oceanside Cycling Coalition", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Oceanside Cycling Coalition", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "", "emails_to_sentence": "", "tag_list": "Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/oceanside", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/oceanside", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/3437", "gender": "", "bio": "A non profit society composed of local citizens dedicated to improving cycling conditions and raising awareness of cycling issues in the Parksville - Qualicum Beach area.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "", "profile_content": "

A non profit society composed of local citizens dedicated to improving cycling conditions and raising awareness of cycling issues in the Parksville - Qualicum Beach area.

", "twitter_profile_url": "", "facebook_profile_url_path": "", "facebook_profile_url": "", "facebook_uid": "", "address": { "city": "", "state": "", "location": "", "city_and_state": "" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "", "one_line": "", "google_map_link": "", "yahoo_map_link": "" }, "website": "http://oceansidecyclingcoalition.blogspot.ca/", "profile_image_url": "https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/bccyclingcoalition/profile_images/ba243640e51cabf1a84ac031438089ece06afd0a.png?1479604184", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "429", "username": "jdfcycle", "prefix": "", "first_name": "Juan De Fuca Cycling", "last_name": "Coalition", "name": "Juan De Fuca Cycling Coalition", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Juan De Fuca Cycling Coalition", "occupation": "Director", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "jdfcycle@gmail.com", "emails_to_sentence": "jdfcycle@gmail.com", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Member Organization - Cycling, Mailchimp Import - July 5", "profile_url": "/jdfcycle", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/jdfcycle", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/429", "gender": "", "bio": "A local chapter of the BC Cycle Coalition. Safer roads for cycling and more people out on their bikes having fun and staying healthy! LIVING THE SOLUTION!", "description": "", "twitter_login": "jdfcycle", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=jdfcycle", "facebook_profile_url_path": "144255015606061", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/144255015606061", "facebook_uid": "144255015606061", "address": { "city": "Sooke", "state": "BC", "location": "Sooke, BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "Sooke, BC, Canada" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "Sooke, BC V9ZCanada", "one_line": "Sooke, BC V9Z, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Sooke%2C+BC+V9Z%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=Sooke%2C+BC+V9Z%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://jdfcycle.blogspot.ca/", "profile_image_url": "https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/144255015606061/picture?height=73&type=square&width=73", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "3423", "username": "httpstwittercomnsscbc", "prefix": "", "first_name": "North Shore Safety", "last_name": "Council", "name": "North Shore Safety Council", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "North Shore Safety Council", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "info@northshoresafetycouncil.ca", "emails_to_sentence": "info@northshoresafetycouncil.ca", "tag_list": "Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/httpstwittercomnsscbc", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/httpstwittercomnsscbc", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/3423", "gender": "", "bio": "Non-profit promoting safety awareness to the North Shore residents and supporting educational programs to the North Shore school children of BC", "description": "", "twitter_login": "nsscbc", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=nsscbc", "facebook_profile_url_path": "546931542086401", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/546931542086401", "facebook_uid": "546931542086401", "address": { "city": "", "state": "BC", "location": "BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "BC, Canada" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "BCCanada", "one_line": "BC, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=BC%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=BC%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://northshoresafetycouncil.ca/", "profile_image_url": "https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/546931542086401/picture?height=73&type=square&width=73", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "3422", "username": "infocycling", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition", "name": "Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "gncc@shaw.ca", "emails_to_sentence": "gncc@shaw.ca", "tag_list": "Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/infocycling", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/infocycling", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/3422", "gender": "", "bio": "Creating a better place to live, work, commute, play, learn and socialize.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "InfoCycling", "profile_content": " ", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=InfoCycling", "facebook_profile_url_path": "165647620249297", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/165647620249297", "facebook_uid": "165647620249297", "address": { "city": "Nanaimo", "state": "BC", "location": "Nanaimo, BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "Nanaimo, BC, Canada" , "address1": "PO Box 441", "address2": "", "multi_line": "PO Box 441Nanaimo, BC V9R 5L3Canada", "one_line": "PO Box 441, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5L3, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=PO+Box+441%2C+Nanaimo%2C+BC+V9R+5L3%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=PO+Box+441%2C+Nanaimo%2C+BC+V9R+5L3%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://www.thegncc.org/", "profile_image_url": "https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/bccyclingcoalition/profile_images/79d88f41543eb284ddd316873fcf02e5ce3379b9.png?1449347263", "activities":[ {"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":7193, "content":"I, like many others, spend a good deal of time on a cycling commute and just exploring. A protected route would do wonders!", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":7156, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6987, "content":"I would like to see the old E&N railway line between Courtenay and Nanaimo used to fulfill the wish of a unified cycle trail between these communities.", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6440, "content":"I believe active transportation will not only help to keep us all healthy but it’s shown to be a positive boost to the economy of cities and regions.", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6343, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6292, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6108, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6087, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6078, "content":"I believe in separating bicycles and cars. We are heading closer to more humane transportation", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6064, "content":"I do not own a car and my husband cannot walk long distances due to an injury, but he can cycle. Bike trails are vital for transportation as well as recreation. They also include areas for horses, people, wheelchairs, skateboards and in-line skaters who also deserve safe access to nature and mobility around cities and towns.", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":5912, "content":"My husband and grew up biking in our communities as kids. It was such a healing, fun and enjoyable way to spend our summers.\nWhen we come to visit friends on Vancouver Island. It break are heart that more communities don’t leave a bigger path or separate path along side the road ways. Brandon manitoba; Calgary, Alberta; & Victoria seem to have embraced this idea.\n

I also think it would attract more tourism and create healthy/safer ways for people to travel around the island. ", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":5900, "content":"I am an active Campbell River cyclist and sometimes the traffic on the ride to Nanaimo terrifies me. We fly to Europe and Quebec to find safe rides and would love to spend our time closer to home.", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":5407, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":5365, "content":"Cycling is fantastic to get places and is an essential component in a civilized society", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":5214, "content":"I love cycling ", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ] } , { "id": "2062", "username": "", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Cross Canada Cycle Tour Society", "name": "Cross Canada Cycle Tour Society", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Cross Canada Cycle Tour Society", "occupation": "President", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "cccts@shaw.ca", "emails_to_sentence": "cccts@shaw.ca", "tag_list": "import, Member Organization - Cycling, Mailchimp Import - July 5, Call_Out_Climate", "profile_url": "/2062", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/2062", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/2062", "gender": "", "bio": "", "description": "", "twitter_login": "", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "", "facebook_profile_url_path": "", "facebook_profile_url": "", "facebook_uid": "", "address": { "city": "Surrey", "state": "BC", "location": "Surrey", "city_and_state": "Surrey, BC" , "address1": "15336 17A Ave", "address2": "110", "multi_line": "15336 17A Ave110Surrey, BC V4A 1V3", "one_line": "15336 17A Ave, 110, Surrey, BC V4A 1V3", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=15336+17A+Ave%2C+Surrey%2C+BC+V4A+1V3", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=15336+17A+Ave%2C+Surrey%2C+BC+V4A+1V3" }, "website": "http://www.cccts.org/", "profile_image_url": "https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/bccyclingcoalition/profile_images/3b5b85b5081083a1a2b7a374f89c8e80965348f7.png?1428183207", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "2151", "username": "httpstwittercombcrandonneurs", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "BC Randonneurs Cycling Club", "name": "BC Randonneurs Cycling Club", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "BC Randonneurs Cycling Club", "occupation": "Vice President", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "exec@randonneurs.bc.ca", "emails_to_sentence": "exec@randonneurs.bc.ca", "tag_list": "import, Member Organization - Cycling, Bike Sense Workshop - Registered, Mailchimp Import - July 5", "profile_url": "/httpstwittercombcrandonneurs", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/httpstwittercombcrandonneurs", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/2151", "gender": "", "bio": "", "description": "", "twitter_login": "BCRandonneurs", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=BCRandonneurs", "facebook_profile_url_path": "", "facebook_profile_url": "", "facebook_uid": "", "address": { "city": "", "state": "", "location": "", "city_and_state": "" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "", "one_line": "", "google_map_link": "", "yahoo_map_link": "" }, "website": "http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/", "profile_image_url": "http://res.cloudinary.com/nationbuilder/image/twitter/w_73,h_73,c_fill/979198712.jpg", "activities":[ {"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":3495, "content":"to save our government money, when investing in healthy alternatives the population benefits in many ways", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ] } , { "id": "2375", "username": "pacapenticton", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Penticton and Area Cycling Association", "name": "Penticton and Area Cycling Association", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Penticton and Area Cycling Association", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "paca.penticton@gmail.com", "emails_to_sentence": "paca.penticton@gmail.com", "tag_list": "Climate - Petition, Supporters - Emailable, import, Member Organization - Cycling, Mailchimp Import - July 5", "profile_url": "/pacapenticton", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/pacapenticton", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/2375", "gender": "", "bio": "The Penticton and Area Cycling Association - PACA.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "pacapenticton", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=pacapenticton", "facebook_profile_url_path": "1406348496173204", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/1406348496173204", "facebook_uid": "1406348496173204", "address": { "city": "Penticton", "state": "BC", "location": "Penticton, BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "Penticton, BC, Canada" , "address1": "129 Nanaimo Ave W", "address2": "", "multi_line": "129 Nanaimo Ave WPenticton, BC V2A 1N2Canada", "one_line": "129 Nanaimo Ave W, Penticton, BC V2A 1N2, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=129+Nanaimo+Ave+W%2C+Penticton%2C+BC+V2A+1N2%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=129+Nanaimo+Ave+W%2C+Penticton%2C+BC+V2A+1N2%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://www.bikepenticton.com/", "profile_image_url": "https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/1406348496173204/picture?height=73&type=square&width=73", "activities":[ {"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":5837, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ] } , { "id": "8734", "username": "cyclecv", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Comox Valley Cycling Coalition", "name": "Comox Valley Cycling Coalition", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Comox Valley Cycling Coalition", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "CycleCV@gmail.com", "emails_to_sentence": "CycleCV@gmail.com", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Member Organization - Cycling, Invest Petition, Import - Old Membership - Feb 18, Mailchimp Import - July 5", "profile_url": "/cyclecv", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/cyclecv", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/8734", "gender": "", "bio": "To create a safe environment for cycling in the Comox Valley and encourage cycling as an effective, healthy and friendly mode of transportation.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "cyclecv", "profile_content": "To create a safe environment for cycling in the Comox Valley and encourage cycling as an effective, healthy and friendly mode of transportation. Serving Comox and Courtenay.", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=cyclecv", "facebook_profile_url_path": "Comox-Valley-Cycling-Coalition-230045977058685", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/Comox-Valley-Cycling-Coalition-230045977058685", "facebook_uid": "", "address": { "city": "Comox", "state": "BC", "location": "Comox, BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "Comox, BC, Canada" , "address1": "2523 Gibson Rd", "address2": "", "multi_line": "2523 Gibson RdComox, BC V9JCanada", "one_line": "2523 Gibson Rd, Comox, BC V9J, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=2523+Gibson+Rd%2C+Comox%2C+BC+V9J%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=2523+Gibson+Rd%2C+Comox%2C+BC+V9J%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://www.cyclecv.com/", "profile_image_url": "https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/bccyclingcoalition/profile_images/31021efc35ada1b6838c03722b3b509855755939.jpg?1479416375", "activities":[ {"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6893, "content":"I take my grand kids in a bike trailer and we need safer roads.", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":356, "content":"NULL", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ] } , { "id": "4273", "username": "ubcbike", "prefix": "", "first_name": "AMS Bike", "last_name": "Co-op", "name": "AMS Bike Co-op", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "AMS Bike Co-op", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "director@bikecoop.ca", "emails_to_sentence": "director@bikecoop.ca", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Member Organization - Cycling, Climate - Letter", "profile_url": "/ubcbike", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/ubcbike", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/4273", "gender": "", "bio": "The AMS Bike Co-op at UBC. We engage in education, outreach, and advocacy to promote biking as a safe and sustainable means of transportation.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "ubcbike", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=ubcbike", "facebook_profile_url_path": "332283947424", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/332283947424", "facebook_uid": "332283947424", "address": { "city": "", "state": "BC", "location": "BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "BC, Canada" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "BCCanada", "one_line": "BC, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=BC%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=BC%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://bikecoop.ca/", "profile_image_url": "https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/332283947424/picture?height=73&type=square&width=73", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "687", "username": "cyclingabby", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Bike Abbotsford", "name": "Bike Abbotsford", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "bikeabbotsford@gmail.com", "emails_to_sentence": "bikeabbotsford@gmail.com", "tag_list": "Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/cyclingabby", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/cyclingabby", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/687", "gender": "", "bio": "", "description": "", "twitter_login": "", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "", "facebook_profile_url_path": "BikeAbbotsford", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/BikeAbbotsford", "facebook_uid": "", "address": { "city": "Abbotsford", "state": "BC", "location": "Abbotsford, BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "Abbotsford, BC, Canada" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "Abbotsford, BCCanada", "one_line": "Abbotsford, BC, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Abbotsford%2C+BC%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=Abbotsford%2C+BC%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "https://www.facebook.com/BikeAbbotsford", "profile_image_url": "https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/bccyclingcoalition/profile_images/3a600a29821ea6928fa7684ebdc8c9a60decef95.png?1487539806", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "370", "username": "trailsbc", "prefix": "", "first_name": "Trails", "last_name": "BC", "name": "Trails BC", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Trails BC", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "president@trailsbc.ca", "emails_to_sentence": "president@trailsbc.ca and trailsbc@trailsbc.ca", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/trailsbc", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/trailsbc", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/370", "gender": "", "bio": "Our volunteer organization supports and advocates for greenways (non-motorized)trail networks (cycling, hiking, equestrian) including the Trans Canada Trail", "description": "", "twitter_login": "TrailsBC", "profile_content": "", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=TrailsBC", "facebook_profile_url_path": "54304159918", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/54304159918", "facebook_uid": "54304159918", "address": { "city": "", "state": "BC", "location": "BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "BC, Canada" , "address1": "", "address2": "", "multi_line": "BCCanada", "one_line": "BC, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=BC%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=BC%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://www.trailsbc.ca/", "profile_image_url": "https://graph.facebook.com/v2.8/54304159918/picture?height=73&type=square&width=73", "activities":[ {"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":7211, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":7162, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":7152, "content":"Cycling for transportation and pleasure should be a priority for society. ", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":7027, "content":"help fill in the gaps. especially between Langford and Shawnigan Lake", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6895, "content":"Because I sign", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6784, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6439, "content":"I was injured because of a near miss on a bicycle route in a busy neighbourhood. Existing cycle routes need to be reviewed and improved for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. ", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ,{"type_name":"Petition Signature", "data":{"id":6349, "content":"", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ] } , { "id": "200", "username": "gvcc", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition", "name": "Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "bydesignprez@gmail.com", "emails_to_sentence": "bydesignprez@gmail.com and info@gvcc.bc.ca", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Member Organization - Cycling, BC Bikes - 2014 - Registered - Oct 18, BC Bikes - 2014 - Registered - Oct 19", "profile_url": "/gvcc", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/gvcc", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/200", "gender": "", "bio": "More People Cycling, More Places, More Often", "description": "", "twitter_login": "GVCC", "profile_content": "

The purpose of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC) is to get more people cycling more places more often in Greater Victoria communities including Victoria, Esquimalt, Victoria, Saanich, Central Saanich, North Saanich, Sidney, Esquimalt, View Royal, Colloid, Langford, Metchosin, Sooke, Oak Bay and Highlands.

", "twitter_profile_url": "http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=GVCC", "facebook_profile_url_path": "154784867906572", "facebook_profile_url": "http://www.facebook.com/154784867906572", "facebook_uid": "154784867906572", "address": { "city": "Victoria", "state": "BC", "location": "Victoria, BC, Canada", "city_and_state": "Victoria, BC, Canada" , "address1": "1382 Charles Pl", "address2": "", "multi_line": "1382 Charles PlVictoria, BC V8P5M6Canada", "one_line": "1382 Charles Pl, Victoria, BC V8P5M6, Canada", "google_map_link": "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1382+Charles+Pl%2C+Victoria%2C+BC+V8P5M6%2C+Canada", "yahoo_map_link": "http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=1382+Charles+Pl%2C+Victoria%2C+BC+V8P5M6%2C+Canada&country=CA" }, "website": "http://gvcc.bc.ca/", "profile_image_url": "https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/bccyclingcoalition/profile_images/233b5914196d33808c442c3f59493ae794474732.png?1472541538", "activities":[ ] } , { "id": "4397", "username": "kacc", "prefix": "", "first_name": "", "last_name": "Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition", "name": "Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition", "profile_headline": "", "employer": "Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition", "occupation": "", "work_phone_number": "", "email": "kelownaareacyclingcoalition@gmail.com", "emails_to_sentence": "kelownaareacyclingcoalition@gmail.com, treasurer@kelownacycling.org, and info@kelownacycling.org", "tag_list": "Supporters - Emailable, Climate - Letter, Signup, Member Organization - Contact, Member Organization - Cycling", "profile_url": "/kacc", "full_profile_url": "https://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/kacc", "admin_url": "http://bccyclingcoalition.nationbuilder.com/admin/signups/4397", "gender": "", "bio": "Promoting cycling in the Okanagan through advocacy, education and Fun!http://t.co/P53hCZghaAKelowna Area Cycling Coalition is a registered society in BC.", "description": "", "twitter_login": "KelownaCycling", "profile_content": "Promoting cycling in the Okanagan through advocacy, education and Fun! 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We make cycling better through education, action and events.  More cycling means healthier, happier, more connected communities. We’re leading the way in making cycling an attractive choice for everyone.

We serve the Metro Vancouver communities of Anmore, Belcarra, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, New Westminister, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver, White Rock.

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Please invest in separated bike lanes as a green form of transportation that provides physical and mental health benefits to citizens of all ages. ", "has_image?":false, "image_url":"/images/original/missing.png", "medium_square_image_url":"/images/medium_square/missing.png", "large_square_image_url":"/images/large_square/missing.png", "medium_image_url":"/images/medium/missing.png", "large_image_url":"/images/large/missing.png"},"is_private?":false,"is_public?":true } ] } ]

Write BC's Leaders for More Cycling Funding

While there has been investment by all levels of government in cycling routes in communities around the Province over the last decade, often these routes are not connected to each other leaving you stranded with your bike at busy intersections. Many destinations are still not served by safe comfortable convenient cycling connections. Until people can cycle from anywhere to anywhere without worrying if there is a good bicycle route, many won’t chose to ride a bicycle and we will not realize the full economic, health, environmental and social benefits from the hundreds of millions of dollars already invested in cycling.

Inadequate Funding for Communities

Communities across the province have produced extensive cycling network plans. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, these cycling networks may not be complete for 20 to 30 years. For instance:

  • Surrey has recently completed a cycling plan that includes over 470 km of additional bike lanes and paths. With current funding, it plans on completing around 12km per year but has indicated that additional funding from the provincial and Federal Governments would speed implementation of the plan.
  • The Pedestrian & Cycling Master Plan – Capital Regional District estimated the cost of upgrading the bicycle network to attract people of all ages and abilities is around $275 million.
  • TransLink has estimated that completing all ages cycling networks around the region may be much higher than $800 million. Due to lack of new funding sources, in 2013, TransLink only invested $2 million.

Decades of Underinvestment

A large expenditure on cycling facilities is required to make up ground lost through several decades of underinvestment . The Netherlands, widely hailed as the world leader in cycling, spends approximately $40 per person per year on cycling. Several other jurisdictions with cycling levels similar to that of BC are matching or exceeding that level of investment. London Mayor Johnson recently announced he will increase  cycling funding to $619 million over the next three years.

Cost Effective

No other transportation investment of similar size can boast the potential to be enjoyed by people of all ages and income brackets, in communities large and small, throughout the province. High quality cycling facilities that are attractive to a significant portion of the population such as bicycle paths and separated bicycle lanes can cost from $1 million to $4 million per km (1/6 the cost of one km of road network for motorized vehicles). This investment will enable the construction of hundreds of kilometres of high quality facilities in communities around the province, giving the majority of British Columbians access to great bicycle routes.

Everyone Benefits

Importantly, cycling facilities also benefit those who don’t ride a bicycle. Multi-use paths are used by pedestrians, in-line skaters, electric wheelchairs, personal mobility scooters, and skateboards. Traffic calming along bicycle routes benefits neighbourhoods, making streets safer for all pedestrians. But it has particular benefit for seniors, children, and the disabled. Bike lanes along busy streets calm traffic, enhancing the pedestrian environment and creating a more welcoming retail atmosphere.

Accelerated Investment

In our Cycling Strategy. we recommend a significant acceleration of the investment in cycling networks including bicycle paths, separated bicycle lanes and other high quality bicycle facilities totalling $175 million per year by all levels of government. This investment in infrastructure, accompanied by funding for education, promotion, and end-of-trip facilities, will enable residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to safely and conveniently cycle throughout the province, fostering healthier individuals and communities.

Take Action

We encourage the Provincial Government to show strong leadership by committing $100 per year for cycling and walking networks in communities around B.C.

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Note that your postal code may not always return your correct riding, MLA, MP and candidates. Contact Elections BC to verify your riding and candidates. Thanks to OpenNorth for the representative and candidate database.
Let the Leaders Know You Want Increased Cycling Investment
Tell them what the problems and solutions are in your community and what better cycling would mean for your family and friends.

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  • commented 2017-10-17 12:18:31 -0700
    I recently returned from the beautiful Okanagan Valley after cycling for over 300km on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail from Midway to short of Kelowna (due to a forest fire) and then from the Myra Canyon to Penticton. We came from Ontario with a group of 10 cyclists who often travel together with cycling being a major attraction for us. Our trip was organized by a very competent BC Cycling tour company and despite the setback of the fire, we had a thoroughly enjoyable time on the trails.

    While we knew that the trail bed would vary in condition we were quite surprised, however, that we had to walk several times and once for almost a kilometre due to the trail being pure sand. This has been caused by overuse by motorized vehicles along with your normal very dry conditions. This caused undue and unexpected danger to some of cyclists who lost their balance when hitting the sand, in fact, causing minor injuries.

    As this is meant to be a walking and cycling trail, I would encourage the BC government to find the financial resources to make the necessary repairs to not only mitigate the danger on this trail but to also encourage the use of this beautiful attraction. It is important to recognize that motorized vehicles not only cause extensive damage to the trail but also create dangerous situations for cyclists and hikers when approached by a fast moving vehicle.

    We want to thank you and any other organization that has made these trails available in your beautiful province. At the same time, we encourage you to take this matter to the next level and make the necessary changes. In addition to our cycling costs, we also purchased a considerable amount of wine that only added to our experience as well as liberally to your coffers. It can only be a win-win situation!
  • commented 2017-10-17 08:43:46 -0700
    We need to continue to invest in the cycling infrastructure
  • commented 2017-10-16 20:41:29 -0700
    i would love to see that in 10 years, across BC – in communities small and large, it will be easy, safe and enjoyable to get around, whether by walking, biking, ride-sharing, by public transit or in a wheelchair. We want to see the provincial government making progressive investments that support active, connected and healthy communities.
  • commented 2017-10-16 20:27:25 -0700
    Quebec is leading the country in making cycling a safe and viable choice for transportation. This despite having a climate that is far less accommodating to cycling. Currently Montreal is in the discussion/planning stage of adding express bike routes in the city for cycling commuters.

    I have commuted by bike in Vancouver for over 20 years and my ride is more difficult today than when I started. There are more cars on the road, speeds have increased, and, as I don’t ride from Kitsalano to downtown Vancouver, all of the separated lanes, etc, have not helped with my commute. A painted cyclist symbol on a road is not a cycling route. It is clear to me after 20 years of riding that cars and bikes cannot share the road. We know that ‘sharrows’ don’t work. Only separated lanes will get most people out of their cars and onto bikes. At a minimum we need a consciousness raising safe passing law, like Ontario has. The previous Liberal government always told me that a law like this is impractical because it cannot be enforced. That is a lazy and unimaginative reply. Many US States, and Ontario, have implemented a safe passing law. Simply the presence of the law will change the way BC drivers think about passing a cyclist.

    I have several colleagues and friends who would love to bike to work, but fear of cars keeps them from making the switch.

    It’s time for BC to become a leader in making cycling a choice for commuters and others.
  • commented 2017-10-16 16:35:05 -0700
    My top two priorities to help make life more affordable in British Columbia are:

    (1) To increase the province’s investment in cycling and walking networks in communities around the province to enable everyone to live a healthy, active lifestyle and walk/cycle safely for their daily trips. We need bike lanes on all arterials and especially connecting every school to the surrounding residential areas. Many secondary schools do not have safe routes for the teenagers living in local neighbourhoods to cycle to school safely and most teenagers are not getting enough exercise on a daily basis. Cycling is a very affordable mode of transportation and many teenagers would cycle to school if it was safe. For example, Reynolds Secondary School, in Saanich, needs bike lanes along streets like Quadra Street which is a very busy arterial. Many students at the school cannot cycle to Reynolds unless they take Quadra Street. One family member cycling to school or work every day during the school year saves families at least $1000 a year if the only alternative is driving or taking public transport which typically costs $25/week x 40 weeks of the year. Cycling and walking are the most affordable transportation solutions both for individuals and governments.

    More enforcement of traffic laws focused on saving lives is needed to reduce speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving. Please improve road safety by ticketing the thousands of drivers who drive through red traffic lights every day and make our roads very dangerous. Investing $100 million per year in cycling and walking will help make our roads safer, reducing crashes, injuries, health care costs and ICBC rates.

    (2) To support people living in B.C. with Type 1 diabetes by covering the best treatment options through Pharmacare. This means covering items like an insulin infusion pump and the continuing blood glucose monitoring device for those with Type 1 diabetes no matter what their age. Pumps only last about five years so they should be eligible to receive more than one pump throughout their lifetime. It also means covering items like Humalog Lispro insulin, the very fast acting insulin, 100%. These items enable one to have better diabetes control and, as a result, not need frequent ambulance trips to the ER or suffer from long term diabetes complications like heart failure, blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy, amputations, etc. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 32 years and have been on an insulin pump for 27 years. As a result, I am saving the province a lot of money since I have never required an ambulance to take me to the hospital due to hypoglycemia, I do not suffer from any diabetes complications, I have gone through two full-term pregnancies with no complications and have perfectly healthy children and I am a valuable contributor to society. This should not only be achievable by those of us who can financially afford the best and most expensive diabetes treatment. Many of us with Type 1 diabetes are not eligible for private insurance plans since we have “a pre-existing condition.”
  • commented 2017-10-16 16:19:57 -0700
    I support the Communities on the Move Declaration to invest $100 million/year in cycling and walking.

    Improved cycling, walking and transit makes a huge difference in communities all over BC. It makes people healthier, it makes our air cleaner, and it makes our cities more livable.

    In my own community of Maple Ridge, we’re slowly starting to see some changes that make it easier to get around on a bike. Much more still needs to be done though. Too often bike lanes abruptly end where you need them most. And too often people on bikes end up having to bike on the sidewalks to be safe from speeding cars.

    Electric vehicles are great, but we still need safe alternatives to the car. Space in our cities is limited. It makes sense to reclaim some of the space presently allocated for cars and give it back to the people. We need to start taking active transportation seriously, and make driving the “alternative” mode more often, for more people.

    In cities that are already taking cycling seriously and building the necessary infrastructure, growth in cycling participation is significant. It’s clear that besides increased investments, our province also needs an active transportation strategy, and an updated Motor Vehicle Act so that the the interests of cyclists are better protected.
  • commented 2017-10-15 20:14:44 -0700
    Please consider the valuable contribution of safe cycling routes for our families and for our environment. It has been a proven fact that increasing the amount of roadways only increases the amount of vehicle traffic. Increasing the amount of safe cycling routes would divert a lot of vehicle traffic to cycling traffic and increase our economy’s efficiency.
  • commented 2017-10-13 21:21:37 -0700
    Investing in better/safer cycling infrastructure is one of the most fiscally responsible things the BC government can do whether NDP, Liberal-Conservative, or Green. It will reduce health care costs, protect the environment, and reduce traffic congestion. Everybody wins!

    Don’t waste valuable agricultural land and residential land on building more roads for cars. Everybody loses under that model whether it’s less food security or more expensive housing. It’s easier to make major lifestyle changes when moving into a new area so all new developments should encourage and enable non-car transportation as the desirable choice.
  • commented 2017-10-03 08:21:58 -0700
    I no longer drive and use my bike, walk & bus for transportation. Please continue to add more bike lanes to make getting around easier. Thank You.
  • commented 2017-10-01 20:24:29 -0700
    To whom it concerns,

    I commute. I commute by bike. It benefits me, my community, my province, and my employer. This behaviour needs to encouraged and promoted.

    Please do this by making infrastructure safer for all. Then we all win.
  • commented 2017-09-26 21:44:40 -0700
    being able to safely walk and cycle in my communities of Salt Spring and Cortes Islands and on Vancouver Island is very important -for the health of all! I support the Communities on the Move!
  • commented 2017-09-26 17:01:05 -0700

    I ride my bike from Vancouver to North Vancouver every work day for the past 7 years. Over that time period I have had many close calls and been the subject of aggression from drivers that think I am in their way. We need legislation that will encourage others to ride in a safe respected environment. We also need stricter rules regarding agressive drivers. One suggestion would be to put an undercover police office in the 30km zone (Beach Ave, Stanley Park) & ride in the lane outside the dooring zone, if drivers act aggressively toward th cyclist (using their car as a weapon then take their licence away. There needs to be stricter rules to change behaviour.

    Thank you,

    Dave Johnson
  • commented 2017-09-11 08:13:31 -0700
    Please ensure that we continue to provide safe biking for people and their families. Not only is it good for health, but helps to build community.
  • commented 2017-09-10 11:50:23 -0700
    More and more people are getting back to cycling (or want to, if they only had more safe bike lanes) for their around-town errands these days. It just makes so much sense because one really does NOT need a 300 HP vehicle to go only a few blocks to go out for coffee, or to simply buy milk and bread.

    In fact, commuters with less than 5 km to travel to work often find that it can be quicker, more economical, and convenient to take their bicycle!

    Truly, the bicycle is one of the greatest inventions EVER because it MULTIPLIES THE EFFICIENCY OF THE HUMAN BODY THREE FOLD*.

    But cycling infrastructure isn’t keeping up in most cities. Cities are still being designed like it’s 1960, with little thought about other forms of transport than the automobile. PLEASE HELP BY ENCOURAGING THE CONSTRUCTION OF BIKE LANES ON EVERY ROAD AND STREET IN BC.

    *A bicycle, for the same amount of time and energy expended as walking, will move a person 3 times as fast and 3 times as far, maybe even more! For example, if a person’s casual walking pace is 5 kph (that’s slow for many people,) that same person will do 15 kph on a bicycle, without hard work or sweating in the least!
  • commented 2017-09-10 09:38:45 -0700
    Yes, bike lanes take time, planning and funds. But, with a clear, continuous vision, the benefits to us and for future generations will be absolutely, worth every bit of investment. As an avid cyclist, and bike shop owner, I am keenly, aware of how such an infrastructure could benefit our communities. And as someone, who has spent the better part of a yr., cycling throughout western Europe, I have experienced many, different and successful, types of cycling pathways/byways. Cycling tourism, in Europe, is enormous. And for good reason! We have the same potential here, in the Okanagan. Toward the goal of creating desirable communities that people want to move to, and promoting healthier lifestyles for Canadians, this is absolutely fundamental. Please consider this as my support for more cycling specific infrastructure, in our community. Thank you.

    Lisa Prowse. Co-owner, The Bike Barn, Penticton, BC.
  • commented 2017-09-08 10:18:15 -0700
    Please make more places for me to ride my bike safely so I can stop driving so much.

    I live in Chilliwack, and the City has a great plan to make the streets in town safe for me to ride. However, I can’t easily cross Fraser River to get to Agassiz or Harrison Hot Springs nor can I easily ride to Abbotsford because the only cycling crossing on the Vedder Canal is on the extreme south side at Keith Wilson Road. The TransCanada Trail cycling route has been shifted to the Fraser River dike to avoid some unrideable moutain passes. People using this route should have safe passage across our rivers.

    Evidence from cycle-friendly nations, shows that places with safe bike lanes, secure bike parking, and end-of-ride facilities have a greater proportion of their residents chose to ride instead of drive. If we have good cycling infrastructure throughout BC, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the mental and physical well-being of British Columbians.

    Also, when you decide what to do to with the Massey Tunnel, make sure you add cycling infrastructure. I’m sure if it were safe to cross Fraser River there, on a bike, many people would opt to abandon their expensive cars in favour of a bike.
  • commented 2017-09-07 20:59:49 -0700
    Please make BC greener and healthier. Please massively fund bike infrastructure.
  • commented 2017-08-26 14:21:37 -0700
    In addition to the continued infrastructure needed to complete safe, continuous and varying cycle routes throughout Vancouver, workplaces need to be incentivized to encourage their employees to cycle to work.

    A safe and dry place to park their bike is a great start, but a place for employees to change and shower are a key factor for those deciding whether or not to cycle to work.
  • commented 2017-08-20 22:30:13 -0700
    Hi there

    I’m a recent convert to cycling as both a way to get to work and as a weekend pastime. Here in the Comox Valley we are severely lacking the infastructure to do this safety. Time for some investment in bike Lanes and safe cycling routes

    I also just returned from a weekend cycling trip on Saltspring island. I was shocked to see only a few hundred meters of cycling Lanes and they were covered on gravel probably from the winter!

    This province is way behind the times…
  • commented 2017-08-20 15:14:10 -0700
    The NDP need a clearer policy on cycling in line with the Greens.
  • commented 2017-08-18 09:27:41 -0700
    It has been two and a half years since my bike accident. I was doored on my ride in to work one morning. It was sudden and devastating. It occurred on a seemingly quite street in downtown Victoria. The recent opening of the separated bike lane on Fort Street is a great start but not nearly sufficient to protect the impressive number of bike commuters and other cyclists in the city.

    If this government is committed to taking action against climate change, to moving towards a preventative health care model and to supporting struggling families, an investment in cycling infrastructure sends the right message on all three fronts. Cycling is a low cost, emission free and exceptionally healthy mode of transportation!

    I hope your government will consider my request. You should also note that my concerns are not limited to the City of Victoria. I actually commute through three different municipalities and the inconsistency between the quality of infrastructure is another source of frustration. I have contacted local governments on this issue as well but sincerely hope that the provincial government will also do its part – ultimately funding for local government will need to come from you.

    Thank you.
  • commented 2017-08-13 18:31:51 -0700
    Please quadruple the Bike BC/pathways grant funding to the cost of a single interchange, ~50 million per year.

    Please include cycling skills in elementary school curriculums at the age when children are learning to bicycle (5-8 years old).

    Please include a cycling theory and practial cycling onstreet test in motor vehicle driver licensing.

    Please change the legislation for motor vehicle insurance to strict liability for collisions with vulnerable users, pedestrians/cyclists/etc. The analogy is WorkSafeBC for workplace injuries. This is especially important with the coming autonomous vehicles.
  • commented 2017-08-08 17:30:13 -0700
    Please make funding available to Municipalities so they can make local decisions on active transportation, which is the most efficient way to give citizens choice in their daily active transportation plans. The most effective way to reduce CHG’s is to encourage citizens to cycle commute one day each week. Pretty attainable I’d say. Bike paths and protected bike lanes encourage 8 to 80. Ages at which biking is possible and encouraged, if safe!
  • commented 2017-08-07 19:26:52 -0700
    I live in PG and am an active member of our local cycling club. Our roads do not support safe cycling routes. Our roads need more consistent shoulders and safer cycling routes.
  • commented 2017-08-07 16:49:40 -0700
    A bigger effort needs to be made in improving cycling infrastructures throughout our province. I live in Mission, am an avid cyclist in my late 60’s. There is not one bike path in my community. Even separated lined road shoulders are usually only on one side of the street making it useless if riding in the opposite direction. No effort has been made to improving this.

    I fully support more funding, particularly at the municipal levels, for cycling infrastructures. The health benefits derived from making It easier for people to ride their bikes would pay back huge dividends in deceased health care costs.
  • commented 2017-08-06 05:47:17 -0700
    Let’s make walking and cycling as safe and accessible as we have made driving. It’s better gor everyone when people come before cars.
  • commented 2017-08-05 15:34:03 -0700
    I am looking forward to long-awaited change under our new BC government. I have lived my entire adult like until now under a Liberal majority government that did not represent or serve me. While I realize there is a lot that needs to be addressed in our province, I hope you will make increased investment in active transportation (cyling, walking, and public transit) a priority. Projects around the world (e.g. car-free squares and bike lanes in New York and bus rapid transit in Bogota) have shown that improvements can be made relatively cheaply and quickly, with wide-ranging and immediate benefits (improved health, reduced congestion, reduced emissions, happier citizens).

    Cycling, in particular, is an efficient, healthy, cost-effective mode of transportation that can be used by a majority of the population (that’s right – children, women, rich, poor!). If the BC government invested $100 million a year to towards cycling in this province, I am confident the results would be positive, especially in the longer-term.

    I live in the riding of Vancouver-Hastings and ride an electric bike to work at UBC (a 32km round-trip) most days of the week (for my other trips, I use a regular bicycle or public transit – my partner and I do not own a car, nor do most people we know). I get to work faster and more reliably this way than I would by any other method. However, even with Vancouver’s relatively good cycling infrastructure, I have to share space with cars (parked and moving) for much of the journey, which leads to some stressful conflicts. But if the infrastructure were more welcoming to bikes, and if electric bikes were made more affordable by a PST exemption, I am certain more and more people would join me.

    I look forward to seeing what changes this new government brings to the area of active transportation.
  • commented 2017-08-05 09:47:54 -0700
    I urge the new NDP/Green BC government to devote increased resources to creating streets for all ages and abilities through investing more in bicycle, pedestrian and transit infrastructure throughout BC.
  • commented 2017-08-04 22:40:36 -0700
    Please pay attention to the ways to improve cycling safety in BC and Canada. Reduce speed limits where cyclist and motor vehicles interact. Rewrite the MVA to recognize cycling as a preferred mode of transport. Ensure areas where cyclist should ride are cleared of debris (Hwy shoulders are rarely cleared of rocks and other items that are hazardous to cyclist). I have to ride on the white line at the edge of the traffic lane on the Pat Bay Hwy, and the trucks pass within a foot at a speed difference of over 60 kph. Street cleaning is important. A cut tire from glass can put a cyclist down in the line of traffic. Employ a full time person to cycle around and identify preferred routs and hazards. Ensure motorist that deliberately endanger/cause injury to cyclist, are charge with criminal intent.

    These are just a few ideas to encourage cycling, and help improve our safety. The only bad thing about cycling is the risk of being hit by a car or truck. All investments in cycling pay back in health care.
  • commented 2017-08-04 16:23:09 -0700
    I am signing the petition to remove the PST and Add Rebates for E-bikes. If there are rebates/incentive to purchase eco-friendly cars then there needs to be an incentive for other forms of eco-friendly transportation other than cars

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    • Complete cycling & walking networks in communities across BC
    • Provide safe routes to school for children
    • Build trails & routes for cycling & walking tourism
  • Ensuring that paths & protected bike lanes can be safely shared by people using wheelchairs, skateboards & in-line skates
  • Enhancing cycling education for children & adults
  • Promoting cycling & walking
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