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Red Light Cameras For Speed Enforcement Would Save Lives

Photo: Jaenelle Schneider, Vancouver Sun

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The lack of speed enforcement is a rising concern for BC residents. ICBC's speed data reported that between 2011 and 2012, of the daily 1.1 billion vehicles that pass through those sites over the two-year period, 1.1 million were traveling at an excessive speed, which is defined by more than 40 km/h. It is precisely because of the lack of speed control enforcements that roadway fatal casualties have increased to 275 in British Columbia with as many as 94 fatal crashes in the Lower Mainland since 2011.

Fortunately, to-date, BC has over 140 automated intersection cameras, which has been crucial measure in providing safety for all road users. However, more lives could be saved if we follow UK's leading practice in targetted speed enforcements. 

Studies from the National Safety Camera Programme concluded that installing red light cameras would see upwards to 100 reduced fatalities per year and have at least 4,230 fewer personal injury collisions. Overall, this program delivered enhanced results for road safety management as deaths and serious injuries were reduced by 42%. The ICBC review estimated that the introduction of speed enforcements at the high-risk intersection camera (ISC) sites could reduce the frequency of accidents by 14%–25% and the severity of the accidents by 11%–45%. This could result in a cost savings of $89 million per year, which could be used to lower insurance costs.

Although many of the victims in the NSCP study were passengers, it is important to note that people walking and cycling are more vulnerable to the dangers of high motor vehicle speeds. If you want our government to implement a program as promising as the one in UK, please do not hesitate to inform our government. 


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Your generous contribution will really help our efforts to encourage the Government to make roads safer for everyone cycling, walking and driving. Priorities include:

  • Decreasing driving by providing people with more cycling, walking and transit choices
  • Safer speed limits on highways and in communities
  • Increasing the number of red light cameras at intersections and using them for automated speed enforcement
  • Automated speed cameras which  could cut fatal & serious collisions by more than 1/3
  • Cracking down on distracted driving with increased penalties and greater enforcement
  • Doubling the number of roadside breath tests and significantly increasing penalties 

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