Make Our Roads Safer for Everyone

The BC Road Safety Strategy has a lot of good recommendations that if implemented, would make our roads much safer for everyone cycling, walking and driving. Unfortunately, the vast majority of policy measures have not been implemented and infrastructure changes have not been made on the scale needed to make much of a difference.

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Not surprisingly, the result has been increased crashes and higher ICBC rates. It is time the BC Government got really serious about road safety.

Transportation Choices

One key measure that we strongly support is reducing driving by providing people with excellent cycling, walking and transit choices. Sadly, the government has been underinvesting in cycling, walking and transit for decades giving many no reasonable cycling, walking and transit options.

Safer Speed Limits

Slower speeds decrease the number and severity of crashes and are especially important to make our reads safer for people walking and cycling.

  • Reduced speed limits on highways
  • Giving communities the authority to set default speed limits below 50 km/h
  • Default 30 km/h on local roads


The ICBC review by Ernst & Young covered in a Vancouver Sun article supported the following measures:

  • Increasing the number of red light cameras at intersections and using them for automated speed enforcement
  • Automated speed cameras which international research has shown could cut fatal and serious collisions by more than a third
  • Really cracking down on distracted driving with increased penalties and greater enforcement
  • Doubling the number of roadside breath tests and significantly increasing penalties. 

Take Action

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Note that your postal code may not always return your correct riding, MLA, MP and candidates. Contact Elections BC to verify your riding and candidates. Thanks to OpenNorth for the representative and candidate database.
Let the Premier and Ministers know that you want safer roads
Tell them about your close calls or crashes. Let them know you want transportation choices; more enforcement of drunk and distracted driving laws; automated speed enforcement; and lower speed limits to help protect you and your loved ones.

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