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Minister Garneau establishes task force to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians

Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, recently announced that Transport Canada and the provinces will establish a task force to discuss safety measures to reduce injuries and fatalities involving cyclists, pedestrians and heavy trucks. Sadly, this was prompted by recent deaths of two female cyclists in Ottawa and Montreal.

The BC Cycling Coalition strongly supports measures to make vehicles and especially trucks safer for people cycling and will be working with the Government and Canada Bikes to help ensure measures are implemented soon.

From Task force to examine new technologies, education and awareness

The task force, established through the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators will explore cameras, sensor systems, side guards, as well as educational safety and awareness programs.

Garneau states, "I'm pleased to work with my provincial, territorial and municipal colleagues to explore options to reduce collisions and improve safety for everyone on Canada's roadways. Whether it's through technology, equipment, or an educational approach, we need to find out what works best in order to improve safety for Canadians."

From Transport Canada's actions to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians on Canada's roadways

The task force is not limited in what it can explore, and will examine several potential countermeasures, including cameras, sensor systems, side guards, as well as educational safety and awareness programs focused on identifying risks and safer driver practices.

Heavy trucks, due to their size, present a unique safety risk to vulnerable road users. Research shows that driver visibility is a major cause in fatal collisions involving these groups. 

Transport Canada will look at the potential benefits of modern technologies, such as sensors and cameras, to improve the visibility of vulnerable road users around heavy trucks and improve safety for all road users. As part of the study, the department will test these technologies at its motor vehicle test centre. The desired outcome is to identify the most effective solutions for protecting the safety of these individuals. ‎The results of the study will help inform policy, and could lead to federal and/or provincial regulatory measures.

The Mayor of London just announced the banning of unsafe trucks. Hopefully we will see similar strong action in Canada.

Photo: CBC News

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