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Your letters do make a difference. So please help make BC a better place to ride a bicycle! Please report hazards including debris and potholes here.

Speed Limit Increases a Cycling Safety Concern

Concerned about cycling safety and the speed limit increases on BC Highways? Then please take action!
Write Minister Stone
Thanks for writing Minister Stone. Your letters make a difference!
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More Provincial Cycling Funding Needed

Want more direct safer cycling routes in your community so your family and friends can cycling for transportation and recreation? Increased provincial funding for cycling will help make that happen. Please take action!
Write Minister Stone
Thanks for writing Minister Stone. Your letters make a difference!
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Write Your Mayor and Council

Your letters do make a difference. So please help make your community a better place to ride a bicycle!

To learn more about local issues, please get involved with your local cycling organization.

Please report hazards including debris and potholes here.

Urge the Government to Require Side Guards on Trucks

Side guards on trucks can help prevent serious injury and death in collisions with cyclists and pedestrians. Please urge the government to support Bill C-603 requiring side guards on trucks.
Write the Minister of Transport

BC Transportation Plan - Take Action

Bike Paths, Wider Shoulders, More Funding, Education, Safe Passing Distance Law, Cycling Tourism

The Provincial Government is developing a new 10-year transportation plan, B.C. on the Move. Billions of dollars will be spent on this plan. Please take action help ensure that cycling and walking get their fair share.


Volunteer Opportunities

Individual Engagement and Fundraising Chair

The BCCC is seeking an individual to inspire, mentor and advise board members, staff and volunteers on individual engagement and fundraising.

Business Engagement and Fundraising Chair

The BCCC is seeking an individual to inspire, mentor and advise board members, staff and volunteers regarding business engagement and fundraising.

Advocacy Chair

The BCCC is seeking an individual to lead and inspire our efforts to make B.C. a great place for people of all ages to cycle for transportation, recreation and tourism.

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    The Climate is Right for Cycling

    Communities around the Province have ambitious cycling plans that when completed will enable you and others in your community to safely and comfortably cycle for daily trips instead of driving significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Investing in cycling and walking will also benefit the economy by increasing tourism, reducing healthcare costs, increasing workplace productivity, attracting talented workers and reducing the societal costs of traffic fatalities and injuries.

    While bike paths and protected bike lanes are a transportation bargain, it does significant cash to build networks of them in communities around the Province. For example:

    • Metro Vancouver: $850 million
    • Capital Regional District: $275 million
    • Central Okanagan: $83 million (they are updating their walking and cycling plans so this cost will likely go up)
    • City of Chilliwack: $27 Million
    • City of Kamloops: $13 Million

    Based on these estimates by the regions, we figure the cost of building cycling networks around the Province will be be at least $1.8 billion. For less than the cost of a new highway bridge, we can have quality bike routes that literally millions of British Columbians will enjoy. However, based on current levels of investment, cycling networks will take 20, 30 or even 40 years to complete. Not nearly fast enough given the urgency to find climate change solutions.

    Cycling is popular with almost 70% of adults in BC riding a bicycle at least once a year. Many want to cycle more with almost 70%, 3 million people, indicating they would ride more if there were separated bike lanes that protected them from traffic. The CRD estimates that building out the cycling network would increase cycling to 15% of all trips while TransLink estimates network buildout will increase cycling to 10% of trips. 

    According to the 2011 National Household Survey, 42% of commutes are under 5 km, a reasonable cycling distance. In the Netherlands, electrically assisted bicycles cover an average distance of 9.8 km, while regular bicycles average 6.3 km. In B.C., 65% of commutes are under 10 km making them practical using an electric bike.

    Where significant investments have been made, cycling has increased dramatically. Between 2008 and 2014, daily cycling trips by City of Vancouver residents almost doubled increasing from 50,000 to 100,000. In Central Okanagan, daily cycling trips increased by 43% from 2007 to 15,400 in 2013.

    To meet Provincial targets, it is likely that the Carbon Tax will need to be increased. By providing people with low carbon transportation choices, investing part of that revenue in cycling and walking will reduce the Carbon Tax rate needed to meet the targets while providing other social, health and economic benefits.

    As part of Climate Leadership Plan BC Cycling Coalition recommends the B.C. Government:

    • invest $100 million per year in to upgrade cycling & walking facilities on provincial roads and bridges, complete cycling networks in communities across the province within 10 years, provide safe routes to school for children and build trails for cycling & walking tourists.
    • update standards and policies to encourage high quality cycling and walking facilities on new and upgraded roads and bridges
    • have strong policies that encourage high quality cycling and walking facilities in new developments

    This investment in infrastructure should be complemented by the B.C. Government funding and providing other support for:

    • cycling skills training for children
    • cycling education for adults
    • marketing programs such as Bike to Work Week. The Province should also help ensure that new developments are cycling and walking friendly.

    Electric bikes increase the distance and number of cycling trips. To encourage the use of electric bikes, we recommended measures including:

    • eliminating the PST on the purchase of electric bikes as there is no PST on regular bicycles.
    • rebates on electric bikes as there are already rebates on electric cars.

    These recommendations could be funded through an increase in the Carbon Tax, reallocating some funding from roads, eliminating the tax break on those earning over $150,000 per year or from the large surpluses the Government is predicting.

    More Info

    BC Cycling Coalition Draft submission

    Metro Vancouver Regional Cycling Strategy Implementation Plan

    Take Action

    Please the Province know that you want cycling to be a key part of the Climate Leadership Plan. You can find more details on what we are proposing here. Let them know what greatly improved cycling would mean for your family and community.

    Email submissions to climateleadershipplan@gov.bc.ca and cc premier@gov.bc.ca,ENV.Minister@gov.bc.ca, Minister.Transportation@gov.bc.ca, president@bccc.bc.ca

    The deadline is September 14.

    More at http://engage.gov.bc.ca/climateleadership

    Please help us make B.C. a better place to cycle.

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    Moving Cycling Forward Across B.C. after the Referendum

    Well, that didn’t go very well to say the very least. The Transportation Referendum failed with only 38% voting yes. This disappointing result serves to strengthen our resolve to campaign for increased funding for cycling improvements across the Province.

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  • Featured petition

    Petition - Invest in Walking, Cycling & Transit not High Income Tax Cuts

    179 signatures

    Imagine that within the next ten years, you, your family and friends can safely and comfortably cycle and walk to work, school, and shopping as well as for recreation and exercise. And when you would rather take transit, there is a bus or a train nearby arriving within a few short minutes.

    To help make this a reality, the Province could eliminate the planned tax cuts for those earning over $150,000 per year and instead invest in cycling, walking and transit in communities around B.C. While more funding will be needed, especially in Metro Vancouver, this will be a great step forward.

    Sign the petition

    The higher tax bracket for people earning over $150,000 is set to expire at the end of 2015. This will result in a tax reduction worth around $225 million per year. Alberta just raised taxes on high income earners so it makes sense British Columbia not to cut similar taxes.

    Everyone, including those earning over $150,000, would benefit much more if the Province eliminated this tax cut and instead invested of this revenue in improved walking, cycling and transit in communities around the Province.

    Sign the petition

    Everyone's time is valuable. For example, someone earning $150,000 per year is 93 hours spent or $6700 worth of their time per year stuck in congestion in Metro Vancouver.

    Everyone benefits from safer roads. By enabling more people to choose cycling, walking and transit, there will be fewer cars on the road and thus fewer crashes leading to fewer injuries and fatalities. 

    Everyone benefits from a strong economy. Transit, cycling and walking are affordable transportation. People cycling and walking are more productive at work. Cycling tourism has huge potential in B.C. For example, in Oregon, cycling tourism contributes $400 million per year to the economic. 

    Everyone benefits from healthier transportation. More people walking, cycling and transit reduces health care costs through increased physical fitness.

    Petition - Invest in Walking, Cycling & Transit, Not High Income Tax Cuts

    Petition to Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in Legislature Assembled.

    We the undersigned, draw your attention to the health, economic, environmental and social benefits of walking, cycling and transit.

    Your petitioners call upon the B.C. Legislature to extend the higher tax bracket for people earning over $150,000 beyond 2015 and invest the $225 million per year of revenue in improving walking, all ages & abilities cycling and transit in communities across British Columbia.

    Will you sign?